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From £2,400
£200 per month, 0% interest, no deposit (12 months)
£76.92 per month, 9.9% interest, no deposit (36 months)

Treatment duration:
4 - 9 months

Achieve straight teeth in just a few months

Cfast is an affordable teeth straightening treatment in adults using clear braces, which helps to correct alignment issues with the top and bottom front six teeth. With clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, it’s a barely noticeable treatment, and because it works to address minor alignment issues with the “social 6” front teeth, Cfast braces can be worn for much less time than traditional braces and other teeth straightening treatments – usually between 4 and 9 months.

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Cfast clear braces providers in Falmouth you can trust

With more than 25 years’ experience in family dentistry and orthodontics, Kimberley Park Dental Practice in Falmouth is the place to go for Cfast clear braces. From your initial consultation, to the duration of your treatment, and right through to follow-up and aftercare, we support you at every stage of your smile transformation journey.

Worried about the cost? We offer affordable treatment plans and finance options.

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How it works

Your journey to straight teeth with Cfast braces

The Cfast treatment involves a clear and tooth-coloured brace attached to the front of your teeth, which gently moves them into a straighter position. Cfast is similar to traditional braces because they’re fixed to your teeth, but it’s a much quicker and more comfortable option because they’re focusing on the alignment of your front 6 teeth, rather than all of them. You’ll have regular check-ups with our Kimberley Park Dental team to make sure your teeth are moving correctly - and the overall treatment usually takes place over a period of 4 - 9 months.





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Why choose clear aligners with Kimberley Park Dental?

The benefits of Cfast clear braces speak for themselves

Almost invisible

With clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, it’s a barely noticeable treatment

Advanced design

Cosmetic Nickel Titanium wires and ceramic brackets gently align the teeth.

More comfortable

You only have attachments on your front 6 teeth, rather than your whole mouth.

Fast treatment

Focusing on the front teeth, treatment is normally complete between 4 and 9 months.

Affordable price

We offer a range of affordable treatment plans and finance options to suit most budgets.

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Frequently asked questions about Cfast clear braces

Cfast vs traditional braces – what’s the difference?

Cfast clear braces are only treating the front 6 teeth, as opposed to all of your teeth! This means your treatment can be completed in much less time than traditional braces – as little as 3 - 4 months in some cases.

How much do Cfast braces cost?

Cfast braces start at £2,400, and we offer a free initial consultation. Please note if you’re a new patient, you’ll need to have a new patient examination first. At Kimberley Park Dental Practice, we offer affordable treatment plans and finance options.

Are my Cfast clear braces removable?

No, Cfast braces are fixed to your teeth for the length of the treatment.

Can I still eat what I normally would?

Not quite! Cfast braces are sturdy, but we recommend you avoid abrasive foods that could dislodge the braces where possible, like nuts and popcorn, and biting straight into apples! It’s possible for brightly coloured or colour saturated foods like curries to cause some discolouration on the braces, but your dentist will be able to restore them if that does happen.

Is it more difficult to clean my teeth with braces?

It can be a bit more difficult, but it’s definitely manageable. And remember, it’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of beautifully straight teeth!

Get started on your journey to straight teeth today

Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you have about Cfast aligners, and help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Book a free consultation below or contact us for more information – no obligations!

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