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From £1,800
£150 per month, 0% interest, no deposit (12 months)
£57.69 per month, 9.9% interest, no deposit (36 months)

Treatment duration:
6 - 18 months

The almost invisible way to achieve straight teeth

SmileTRU clear aligners are another alternative to fixed braces for people who have overcrowding, gaps, or crooked teeth. SmileTRU aligners use the latest 3D printing technology, and work well for people who only need to realign a few teeth, usually in the front of their mouth. SmileTRU aligners are a removable, comfortable aligner option that you can wear everywhere and go about your day, with minimal impact on your routine.

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Straighten your smile with us

SmileTRU clear aligner providers in Falmouth you can trust

With more than 25 years’ experience in family dentistry and orthodontics, Kimberley Park Dental Practice in Falmouth is the place to go for SmileTRU advanced clear aligners. From your initial consultation, to the duration of your treatment, and right through to follow-up and aftercare, we support you at every stage of your smile transformation journey.

Worried about the cost? We offer affordable treatment plans and finance options.

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How it works

Your journey to straight teeth with SmileTRU aligners

The SmileTRU treatment involves wearing a series of clear teeth aligners designed to fit snugly over the teeth while applying gentle force to gradually move them into alignment. Each set of aligners is worn for roughly two weeks, or until they start to loosen up on the teeth (which means your teeth have moved the way you want them to). With the ongoing guidance and support of our Kimberley Park Dental team, you’ll keep moving onto the next set of aligners every two weeks until your teeth have been repositioned to where they’re meant to be - usually over a period of 6 - 18 months.





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Why choose clear aligners with Kimberley Park Dental?

The benefits of SmileTRU clear aligners speak for themselves

Virtually invisible

Discreetly achieve the beautiful, straight teeth you want, without anyone knowing.

Advanced design

Manufactured using the very latest in digital production methods and 3D printers.


Snug teeth fit to maximise comfort, and removable for eating, drinking, and cleaning.

Less attachments

In most cases SmileTRU moves teeth into alignment, without the use of attachments.

Affordable price

We offer a range of affordable treatment plans and finance options to suit most budgets.

Beautiful results

Like all our clear aligner patients, you’ll finally be able to smile with confidence.

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Frequently asked questions about SmileTRU clear aligners

SmileTRU vs Invisalign – what’s the difference?

SmileTRU aligners are an equally successful and popular treatment for people who want to achieve straight teeth, without anyone knowing. Invisalign is sometimes used alongside attachments (small “bumps” attached to the teeth) to help the Invisalign aligners grip to the teeth. Due to the snug, precise fit for comfort, SmileTRU aligners don't require as many attachments.

How much do SmileTRU aligners cost?

SmileTRU aligners start at £1,800, and we offer a free initial consultation. Please note if you’re a new patient, you’ll need to have a new patient examination first. At Kimberley Park Dental Practice, we offer affordable treatment plans and finance options.

Can I remove my SmileTRU aligners to eat and drink?

Yes, we recommend you remove your aligners when you’re eating and drinking – but be sure to put them straight back on afterwards!

Do SmileTRU aligners come with any attachments?

No! SmileTRU’s 3D printing process creates an aligner that securely fits the teeth, which allows teeth to move into alignment with fewer attachments.

How long do I need to wear my SmileTRU aligners for each day?

You need to wear your aligners for as long as possible each day for the best results. This usually means wearing them for at least 22 hours per day (all day and night). You need to take your aligners out to eat, drink, and brush your teeth.

Get started on your journey to straight teeth today

Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you have about SmileTRU aligners, and help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Book a free consultation below or contact us for more information – no obligations!

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